GV60 Heating Control System


Heating Control System

GV60 is a battery-powered electronic remote ignition and control system for gas appli­ances with pilot burners and ODS systems. It is a well designed ecosystem for use with Maxitrols myfire Puck™ and Symax® Handsets together with myfire® App.

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Advantages of the GV60 Combination Control

  • Compact design
  • Programmable handset
  • Thermo-electric flame failure device
  • Min. rate settings with fixed or adjustable orifices (vented only)
  • Pilot gas adjustment screws
  • Pilot gas filter
  • Certified

SYMAX – Handset for GV60 Bidirectional Control Systems

The SYMAX system combines new technology and a modern design with ease of operation. Instead of scrolling through a confusing menu, each function can be activated by touching a button. The SYMAX system uses a simple Look and Touch logic.



GV60 Certifications

myfire – App for GV60 Bidirectional Control Systems

The new myfire app works in conjunction with the GV60 Bidirectional Control System for gas fires. The app’s inter­active, colorful graphics make operating a smart phone or tablet simple and fun while giving absolute control of your gas fire.

GV Series Combination Control Systems

Catalog; Gas combination control systems used to control pilot and main burner. Versions: Manual control, temperature control, battery operated remote control, battery operated remote ignition & control.

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GV60 Electronic Ignition & Control System

Operating Instructions; For use with G6R RF handsets. GV60 electronic remote ignition & control system is battery-powered for gas appliances with standard pilot burner & ODS systems.

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GV30/GV30A Combination Control Systems

Catalog; Gas combination control systems for wide range of commercial cooking appliances:ovens, griddle plates, fryers, and bain-maries.

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GV30 Pressure Switch

Literature; GV30-Switch closes an electrical contact when the gas reaches a set pressure. Typical applications: main gas LED; pilot gas LED; oil pump.

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GV30 Cut-a-way

Poster; GV30 cut-a-way; main valve function.

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