EXA Modulation


Modulating Gas Control Valves

EXA Series

EXA valves are highly accurate and precise modulating gas control valves. They provide repeatable process control with minimal hysteresis throughout the entire range of modulation. High fire setting and low fire setting are user programmable.





Fuel Gases

Suitable for natural, manufac­tured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases, LP gas-air mixtures.

Pipe Sizes

Model Pipe Sizes
E40, E40H, E42 ⅜”,  ½”
E50, E50H, E52 ½”,  ¾”
E60, E60H, E62 ¾”,  1″

EXA E40, 50, 60 Modulating Valves

Condensed Catalog; Valves provide accurate/precise control Repeatable process control w/minimal hysteresis throughout modulation range.

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EXA E42, 52, 62 Modulating Valves

Condensed Catalog; Valves have a linear relationship between the control signal & flow rate.

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EXA Power Supply Compatibility

Half-wave & full-wave rectified power supplies take incoming AC per from a transformer and convert it to DC power.

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