Ball Valves



Ball Valves

Maxitrol ball valves are designed primarily for gas, water, oil and steam appli­ca­tions. They have a forged brass body, hard chrome plated ball, and anticor­rosion Dacromet treated handle. Female NPT inlet and outlet. 





Fuel Gases

Natural and Manufactured Gas, Fuel Oil No. 1–6 (260° F), Air, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Inert Gases

Models and Pipe Sizes

Series Model Pipe Sizes
BV250 Series BV250T-22 ¼”
BV250-33 ⅜”
BV250-44 ½”
BV250-66 ¾”
BV250-88 1″
BV250-1010 1 ¼”
BV250-1212 1 ½”
BV250-1616 2″
BV250-2020 2 ½”
BV250-2424 3″
BV602 Series BV602-33 ⅜”
BV602-44 ½”
BV602S-44 ½”
BV602-66 ¾”
BV602S-66 ¾”
BV602S-88 1″

Manual Ball Valves

Technical literature; For gas, water, oil, steam. Body of forged brass, female NPT inlet & outlet, chrome plated ball & anticorrosion Dacromet treated handle.

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