220 Series - Pilot Loaded Design


Pilot Loaded Design

220 Series

The 220 Series uses a servo-operated design rather than the more conven­tional spring-loaded design and can deliver higher outlet pressure than spring loaded models. The main diaphragm of the model 220 is loaded with gas pressure instead of spring pressure. A small pilot regulator, located in the upper housing, accurately controls the gas pressure. When the regulated outlet pressure of the servo regulator is changed by spring adjustment, the outlet pressure of the 220 main regulator will be changed propor­tion­ately. Applications include indus­trial furnaces and ovens. 


Fuel Gases

Suitable for natural, manufac­tured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases, LP gas-air mixtures.

Pipe Sizes

Model Pipe Sizes
220D… 1″,  1 ¼”,  1 ½”
220E… 1 ½”, 2″
220G… 2 ½”, 3″
220J... 4″

220 Pilot Loaded Design

Catalog; A servo-operated design rather than a spring-loaded design. (excerpt)

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