GW Series Combination Gas/Water Control Valves


Combination Gas-Water Control Valves

GW Series

GW40B and GW50B combi­nation gas-water control valves are suitable for use in instan­ta­neous gas water heaters manufac­tured according to DIN EN26, fueled with all gas types according to EN437 and for all common water pressures. The GW Series can be customized to OEM specifications.



Serie GW

Le valvole di regolazione della combi­nazione gas-acqua GW40B e GW50B sono adatte all’uso in scaldacqua istan­tanei a gas prodotti secondo la norma DIN EN26, alimentati con tutti i tipi di gas secondo la norma EN437 e per tutte le pressioni dell’acqua più comuni. La Serie GW può essere person­al­izzata secondo le speci­fiche OEM.




  • Compact design, lightweight
  • Patented lever mechanism improves safety and performance
  • Modern connection technologies with clips
  • Proportional gas/water adjustment (constant outlet water temper­ature rise)
  • Up to 16 l / min (1.32 to 4.23 GPM) warm water (∆T = 45 F)
  • Low start point water pressure allows use of hydrogenerator
  • Ignition interlock (main valve closed during ignition)
  • Water flow operates the main gas valve


The GW40 B is a compact gas-water combi­nation gas control with tradi­tional piezo ignition.



  • Thermoelectric flame failure device
  • One knob operates igniter and gas valve
  • Adjustable pilot gas
  • Pilot gas filter mat


The GW50B is a compact gas water combi­nation control with electronic ignition.



  • Gas differ­ential pressure valve
  • Electronic ignition control
  • Screen at gas inlet
  • Optional integrated gas control knob with fixed min. rate setting and OFF position
  • Optional low battery indicator (LED and cable)


GW40B/GW50B GW Combination Gas/Water Control Valves

Technical/Operation Literature; Gas-water combination controls for use in instantaneous gas-water heaters.

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GW40/GW50 Spare Parts

GW40/GW50 Gas-Water Combination Controls Spare Parts

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