Selectra Series 14 Circuit Analysis: Part 5

Selectra Series 14 Circuit Analysis: Part 5

Here is Part 5 of our series Selectra Series 14 Circuit Analysis: Sensitivity Dial Testing.

This 5‑part series covers temper­ature dial testing, discharge air temper­ature sensor testing, Selectra regulator and modulator/regulator testing, T115 room override stat testing, and sensi­tivity dial testing.

Maxitrol’s Selectra Series 14 electronic gas flame modulation systems are designed for direct fired make-up air heating equipment. OEM or retrofit appli­ca­tions include environ­mental climate control as well as indus­trial or commercial heating processes.  Basic Series 14 compo­nents include an amplifier, an integral or remote temper­ature dial, a discharge air temper­ature sensor, and a mixing tube.

Series 14 works with Maxitrol’s modulator or modulator-regulator valves M411, M511, M611, and MR212(D, E, G, or J). The Selectra system’s unique electronic modulator or modulator-regulator valves control gas flow with instan­ta­neous response and continual adjustment to maintain constant discharge air temperature. 

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