New editions of Maxitrol’s Certified Line Pressure Regulator Guidebooks

New editions of Maxitrol’s Certified Line Pressure Regulator Guidebooks

Grab your copy of the new edition of Maxitrol’s Certified Line Pressure Regulator Guidebooks for natural gas and LP/propane along with the most recent release of the Gas Pressure Regulator & Modulator Catalog. 

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More than a decade after its first publi­cation, this pocket-sized guidebook has become the industry go to for 2 and 5 PSI piping systems. New to this edition — Maxitrol vent protectors with important design improve­ments that enhance moisture protection and reduce the risk of conta­m­i­nation of the Maxitrol 325-line regulators.

This guidebook was first published in 2006, followed by the LP/Propane Guidebook in 2014.

The Certified Line Pressure Regulator Guidebooks for 2 & 5 PSI fuel gas piping systems include:

  • 2 & 5 PSI pressure fuel gas piping systems
  • Certified line pressure regulators specifications
  • Vent limiting devices and vent protectors
  • Typical instal­la­tions
  • Class I and II regulators
  • Pertinent sections NFPA 54/ANSI Z223.1 National Fuel Gas Code/CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code
  • American National Standard/CSA Standard for Line Pressure Regulators Definitions
  • Commonly Asked Questions