Designed for outdoor applications.

Use on vent opening to protect breather hole from rain, snow, foreign particles and insects.




•Vent protector MUST be mounted in an upright position.

•13A15 for 1/8" NPT vent.

•13A15-5 for 3/8" NPT vent.

•13A25 for 1/2" NPT vent.

•For outdoor use in 325-3, 325-3L and 325-5, 325-5L, 325-7A, 325-7AL

•NOT a vent limitng device


  • 13A15 vent protector is available for 325-3 and 325-3L.

  • 13A15-5 vent protector is available for 325-5 and 325-5L.

  • 13A25 vent protector is available for 325-7A and 325-7AL.
  • Vent Protectors are designed for outdoor use when vent protection is required.

    NOTE: Vent limiters are designed for use indoors and in spaces where limiting the amount of gas escapement due to diaphragm failure is critical. Vent limiters should not be used outdoors if they are exposed to the environment.