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2015 Maxitrol Company. All Rights Reserved. DRAFT 09.18.2013 61 Vent Protector Designed for outdoor applications. Use on vent opening to protect breather hole from rain snow dust insects and other foreign particles. NOTEVent protector MUST be mounted in an upright position. 13A15 for 18 NPT vent. For outdoor use in 325-3 325-3L RV48 RV52 RV53 RV61 R500SZ and R600SZ. 13A15-5 for 38 NPT vent. For outdoor use in 325-5 325-5L RV81 210D. 13A25 for 12 NPT vent. For outdoor use in 325-7A 325-7AL 325-9 325-9L RV91 210E. NOTE NOT a vent limiting device. Consult Maxitrol regarding other configurations. Vent Dampener KVOP-3 Used on 325-5 325-5L. KVOP-4 Used on 325-7A 325-7AL 325-9L NOTE Should not be used with vent limiter. Vent Screen Brass 40 mesh screen flame arrestor for insertion in vent outlet. Prevents ignition of gas-air mixture which might be present in upper diaphragm chamber. 13A03-1 for 18 NPT vent. 13A03-2 for 14 NPT vent. 13A03-3 for 38 NPT vent. 13A03-4 for 12 NPT vent. 13A03-6 for 34 NPT vent. Pressure Tap Connector PF10 Pressure tap connector installed as part of the control. It is a hose fitting incorporating a captured sealing means for testing inlet and outlet pressures. This eliminates the need for a special barb fitting. Dust Cap Use on vent opening to prevent blockage of breather hole from dust or other foreign particles. Standard on all L models with 18 threaded vent. 13A09 for 18 NPT vent. Press-in plastic cap. Tamper Proof Seals Permanent pressure sensitive backed paper. Attempted removal of these seals will destroy the face stock leaving adhesive residue on surface beneath. Therefore tampering can be easily detected. Available for all threaded models. Outlet pressure printed on seal. 101310 for RV12 RV20L RV47 RV48 RV52 RV53 RV61 R400SZ RV500SZ R600SZ 325-3 and 325-5. 101311 for RV81 RV91 RV111 210D 210E 210G 325-7A 325-9. 13A15 13A15-5 13A25 KVOP-3 13A03 PF10 13A09 101310 ACCESSORIES C US