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GV30 Valve

Mertik Maxitrol’s GV Series gas combi­nation control systems are designed for the precise and efficient control of the pilot and the main burner. The GV systems contain a thermo­electric flame super­vision device. Valves for original equipment manufac­turers can be made-to-order and suit a wide range of commercial cooking appli­ances including ovens, griddle plates, fryers, bain maries, and coffee roasters.

The GV30 Series has a rotary slide valve that shuts off the main gas. The piezo igniter is operated by turning the operating knob. The modified GV30A Series has a microswitch in the thermo current circuit that switches off the gas flow and a second, optional, microswitch that activates the ignition of an electronic igniter. A separate piezo igniter can also be used. There is an optional LED for pilot flame indication for the GV30A.

Both GV30 and GV30A systems offer a wide range of optional accessories.



  • Compact design
  • Pilot gas filter
  • Inlet screen
  • Thermoelectric flame super­vision device
  • Pilot gas adjustment screw
  • Separate temper­ature knob
  • Min. rate setting with fixed or adjustable orifices
  • Liquid filled stainless steel temper­ature sensor
  • Inlet/outlet connec­tions at bottom, side, or both, providing various inlet/outlet combinations




GV30/GV30A Series for Commercial Cooking Appliances

Mertik Maxitrol offers various D‑stems and knobs for both the GV30 and GV30A. The GV series can be equipped with aluminum D‑stems (brass optional) allowing OEMs to use their own knobs, person­al­izing the appliance front. The recal­i­bration version allows a change of the temper­ature setting within a defined range. The value of the temper­ature change is visible at the scale.