Maxitrol's New R700Z Zero Governor Regulator

Maxitrol's New R700Z Zero Governor Regulator


The R700Z zero governor regulators are designed as control valves in air-gas mixing appli­ca­tions. The valve is used in premix burners, nozzle mixers, tee mixers, and propor­tional premixers. The control is supplied with an optional integral adjustable bypass for precise minimum flows in high turndown appli­ca­tions. Its design maintains a steady regulated control pressure over a wide range of flow rates.

R700Z Specifications

  • Pipe Size: 1” x 1”, 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” NPT (ISO7‑1)
  • Certifications:  ANSI Z21.18/CSA 6.3 Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators
  • Range of Regulation:  10 CFH up to 2,500 CFH
  • Fuel Gases: Suitable for natural, manufac­tured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases, LP gas-air mixtures
  • Ambient Temperature Range:  ‑40° to 205°F (-40° to 96°C)
  • Mounting: R700Z mount in an upright position only.
  • Optional: Integral Adjustable Bypass for high turndown applications.

R700 Appliance Regulator Also Available Now

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