Renewable Power Source now includes Maxitrol’s Exa Modulating Valves

Renewable Power Source now includes Maxitrol’s Exa Modulating Valves

People around the world are increas­ingly on the lookout for new technologies to provide their homes with energy while saving money and helping the environment. Solar and wind are among the fastest growing of these clean, renewable power sources.

You can now add fuel cells to that list.

The Sunfire-Home fuel cell, by Sunfire GmbH, has quickly become a valued product in the residential housing market. The fuel cell was designed as an add-on to a home’s lighting and heating systems, lowering electricity costs and reducing emissions. The Sunfire-Home — a hybrid generator — produces 750 watts of electrical power and 1,250 watts of thermal power, enough to meet the needs of most one and two-family homes. A typical house can save approx­i­mately 50% electricity consumption from the power grid, and if your grid goes down, you’ll still have electricity thanks to the fuel cell.

Also, the fuel cell is a natural complement to homes with solar power and battery storage systems. The fuel cell fills in the gaps during the winter months when there is less sunshine, and the battery system stores the power during peak loads. 

The Sunfire-Home works with either natural gas or LPG and incor­po­rates Maxitrol Company’s Exa modulating gas control valves and gas pressure regulators. Exa valves are accurate and precise and provide process control with minimal hysteresis. Exa’s built-in digital controller provides seamless interface with the process controller.