Launch of the SENTRY Legacy GT for the UK market

Launch of the SENTRY Legacy GT for the UK market


Maxitrol has been manufac­turing SENTRY GT thermal cut-off devices (TCOs) for almost 30 years; and over this period, we have seen their popularity continue to grow.

By working closely with our colleagues in the gas industry, we are better able to under­stand their daily opera­tional challenges. We also take onboard essential feedback and look for new ways to innovate our products.

Historically when TCOs are utilised for gas meter protection, they are installed upstream of the gas meter emergency control valve (ECV). Whilst this location is ideal, it is not entirely possible all of the time. The limiting factor in fitting the TCO upstream of the ECV is the depen­dency on an upstream additional isolation valve, which is used to shut off the supply whilst the work is being carried out. It is of course, common place to be able to locate such a valve on more recent instal­la­tions. However, some older instal­la­tions can be more challenging. Furthermore, the isolation of these valves can, in some instances, interrupt the supply of gas to several properties, which is far from ideal.

After consid­ering the infor­mation and consulting with our colleagues in the gas industry, we developed our new “Legacy GT”. The GT20BLC0, is the first thermal cut-off device which can be screwed directly onto the outlet of a meter emergency control valve. Thus it allows competent gas opera­tives the ability to provide additional protection to a meter instal­lation without disrupting the gas supply to neigh­bouring properties, as the work can be localised. When used as part of a thorough risk assessment the Legacy GT can provide additional protection to gas meter instal­la­tions in the event of fire. And where guidance allows, can be considered a viable alter­native to fire-resistant meter boxes.

The Legacy GT provides gas opera­tives with yet another solution to the many challenges of which they face on a daily basis. It is easy to install, reduces opera­tional down time and when used as an alter­native to fire resistant meter boxes, it can also offer consid­erable cost savings.

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