5 Benefits of Natural Gas

5 Benefits of Natural Gas

Did you know that the average cost of natural gas is the lowest among residential fuels? Or that Natural Gas is the cleanest burning hydro­carbon? It is no wonder that in the U.S., one home or business connects to natural gas service every minute.  Affordability is just one of the many benefits of natural gas. 

Maxitrol worldwide strives to deliver great products and technology, making an impact not only on the natural gas industry but helping to shape and develop systems that can be used in modern energy systems for a cleaner and safer future.


Benefits of Natural Gas

1. Clean

    • Natural Gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon.
    • It has highly efficient combustion, making it a healthier fuel choice for residential, commercial and indus­trial applications.


2. Reliable

    • There is an abundant global supply.
    • Underground pipelines mean no supply inter­rup­tions due to storms or power outages.
    • You can rely on natural gas to fuel a backup generator or gas fireplace in the event of a power outage.


3. Affordable

    • Average cost of natural gas is the lowest among residential fuels.
    • U.S. consumers who use natural gas save an average of $874 per year on energy bills compared to homeowners who use electricity.
    • Annual energy costs for residential customers using natural gas has been lower than the cost for propane, fuel oil, or electricity since 2010.


4. Accessible

    • A global network of pipeline, 2.5 million miles in the U.S. alone, makes access dependable and secure.
    • The global supply of natural gas is widely distributed across the world and is suffi­cient to meet projected demand.


5. Versatile

    • Can be used in a wide variety of residential, commercial, and indus­trial applications.
    • Natural gas is an increas­ingly efficient energy source for water heaters, vehicles, laundry, kitchen, heating, lighting, and outdoor living spaces.