The Pakstat Series II digital indicating electronic thermostat is a low cost alternative to the use of mechanical or pneumatic controls with separate thermometers, or the use of DIN packaged controllers. When coupled with the model LCD3000 digital display, it offers the convenience of digital indication of process temperature. The LCD3000 is a 3-1/2 digit display with resolution of 1°. Accuracy of 1%, +/- one digit, meets most agency requirements for food storage.

With its flexible wire sensor, the Pakstat Series II controllers eliminate the problems of capillary tube kinking and breakage. The quick connect terminals allow fast installation and service.

The Pakstat Series II is used where it is desirable to have accurate, repeatable temperature control through a narrow dead band (as close as +/- 1°).





Install a back-up control for critical applications where control failure could endanger life, limb, or property. A back-up control to serve as a high limit control is mandatory in applications where a runaway condition could result. These products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices.