Certified Line Pressure Regulator Guidebooks Now Online

Maxitrol Company today announced that its popular certified line pressure regulator guidebooks are now, for the first time, accessible on its corporate website,

These comprehensive guidebooks for natural gas and LP/propane 2 & 5 PSI systems are two significant components of Maxitrol’s wholesaler and installer program. The company’s objective is to deliver a complete and advanced level of product, system, and industry standards knowledge to its North American authorized wholesaler network and their customers.

“Our aim is to help our wholesalers and installers, to make their jobs as easy as possible,” said Maxitrol CEO Bonnie Kern Koskela. “With today’s handheld devices, these professionals have the ability to access this important information in real time from the job site itself.”

The first Certified Line Pressure Regulator Guidebook for 2 and 5 PSI systems was published in 2006 and is now in its 6th edition. In 2014, the LP/Propane guidebook was released.


  • Line pressure regulators
  • 2 & 5 PSI system information
  • Vent protectors
  • Vent limiting devices
  • Line pressure regulator specification chart
  • Typical installations
  • Line pressure regulator lockup test information
  • Class I and II regulator
  • NFPA 54/ANSI Z223.1 National Fuel Gas Code
  • American National Standard/CSA Standard for Line Pressure Regulators
  • CSA B149.1 Natural Gas & Propane Gas Installation Code-Canada
  • Commonly Asked Questions