Maxitrol’s new SC40 Series Signal Conditioner is now available. The SC40 is designed to modulate atmospheric indirect fired heaters with a 2-speed inducer. The system is easily integrated into existing heater designs and most applications are able to achieve approximately 5:1 turndown.

The SC40 Series is a direct functional replacement of the Series 3 SC30/TR1 control system. The SC40 consolidates the electronic function that required 2 separate boards into a single board. The power supply of the SC40 is half wave rectified and is used with the EXA E42H, E52H, and E62H series modulating gas valves. The new design eliminates the need for a separate transformer to power the electronics and the valve.

The reliability and simplicity of the new SC40 Series greatly reduces the engineering time required to bring a high turndown modulating heater to market. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact your Maxitrol Company Sales Representative.


A1044R Amplifier
The new SC40 Signal Conditioner